In conjunction with our partners in the uk Vein train we will soon be offering Awarding orginsation accredited Phlebotomy courses both face to face or via our Elearning platform starting in April 2021

VeinTrain Background

VeinTrain Ltd was founded in 2007 by Sarah Phillips MD. VeinTrain was formed to offer high quality healthcare training programmes and contribute to the standardisation of the healthcare sector. We have been working for 13 years and offered direct delivery or a full system support including ‘Train the Trainer’ set up to system roll out. We have assessment frameworks that are widely adopted in the UK to prevent injuries. With over 70,000 of estimated users, our national programme increased the outcome by exceeding 14.5 million per year. Our VeinTrain low cost model means everyone can use a simulation device to master the control of the equipment. Understanding how to get clinicans to competent level is as important as understanding all levels of the healthcare which has been key for VeinTrain growth as we took on large contracts such as Guy’s and St Thomas’ and NHS Direct.

We continue to work hard to remain the export champion because we can see clearly that this is a global solution and believe in delivering healthcare for all. Our aim is to continue build strength so that we can share the best of what we know to those who need it globally. We want to work together to build solutions and to collaborate across the globe as we move forward. We know our VeinTrain Vein Flat Pack system works as we have used the individual trainers for 12 years!

Sarah Phillips the MD of Vein Train has an extensive healthcare experience. She is an author and leader in this field and has an MA in Systems-Psychodynamics of Organisation and had worked at corporate level in Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust after an emergency nursing clinical career. Leading a training project at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust raised the competency rate from 40% to 98% for these skills. She also set up and led the clincial skills lab and OSCE program for Imperial College Medical School. Sarah met the CEO of the NHS Lord Crisp at WISH summit in Qatar and taught him how to put in a cannula. He indicated that Sarah gave him great confidence and he enjoyed observing how the clinicians learn. 

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