Veintech Ireland

We are thrilled to announce that VeinTrain is coming to Ireland. Our newest Halo Centre offers the best of VeinTrain and also adds in decades of training and clinical expertise from VeinTech, James Dooley as local lead.  Please do let your colleagues in Ireland know.  He has 2 places left for June, if you are quick.

VeinTech has a great mix that will work for Ireland.  They are  offering a course that includes our E-learning programme, own vein simulator and competency booklet.  Opting for the  full one year access licence.  This  programme has the full standard curriculum with certificate but also lots of tips and tricks practical learning with monthly LIVE online support via VeinTech and the VeinTrain LIVE monthly broadcasts.  Ireland will also have access to a further sessions of practical face to face class and workshops in Ireland. The price for all this starts at €400 If you or your colleagues are Ireland based you can now contact VeinTech via this link.  No need to travel, VeinTrain comes to you in a way that works in your locality. once you register on our veintrain course you will get your veintrain pavk and access to elearning platform for 12 months

Your VeinTrainer pack and equipment is to keep and includes 6 demonstration videos so you can check your practice in the future via your QR code and know it is up to date. 

Hope to see you or your colleagues soon – however and wherever they want to learn! 

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